Recently a new nuisance seems to be overtaking the state of Florida. More specifically, the Orlando area, which is home to some of the most compelling natural resources. What many residents are starting to see is a lot of pollution going up in the air. Many are exercising their rights to freedom, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, some are doing so at the cost of other’s happiness, and it’s starting to cause serious issues. The main problem here is that of pollution coming from older vehicles on the road and highways. This is a trend that is not only detrimental to public spaces, but to the overall environment.

The Freedom of Older Vehicles

For some people, an older vehicle means a lot of things, but it most definitely stands for freedom. Older model cars are classics, seen to be part of childhoods, and years past. These can sometimes be a form of nostalgia, and therefore not sold or recycled. Others use them because it’s much easier to purchase and maintain than more expensive vehicles today. The problem however comes from the exhaust, mufflers, and engines that spew out black smoke and debris into the atmosphere.

Changing Things Up

Of course a ban is going to sound way too extreme. However, there are some things that can change matters for the better. For instance, local politicians can pass incentives for recycling of these cars, and even give vouchers and tax breaks for individuals that decide on purchasing new, more environmentally friendly vehicles. Not everyone has to drive a hybrid, but purchasing a newer model vehicle with less emissions is a starting point.

Fixing Up Older Cars

Perhaps another way to change this trend is to look into fixing up older model cars for the better. Making sure that the engines, mufflers, exhaust systems, and much more are cleaned, updated, and restored can be a great way to maintain the look and feel of the past, without pollution. Of course, this can cost a great deal to get done right, but it is in the public’s best interest to promote this idea.

Stricter Emission Policies

On the other end of the extreme, Orlando’s local governing bodies can pass laws that would limit the emissions and use of these older cars without upgrades. Some states, such as California have passed laws that give residents severe fines for using cars that don’t pass certain emission standards. That sort of law could put a limit on pollution and help the environment. While some residents may not like that, it’s for the best interest of all of the residents of Orlando. Inhaling pollutants from cars that are much older, can lead to asthma, and breathing problems of all types.

Recycling That Old Car

One thing that has recently been brought to light is the idea of recycling old cars to help keep Orlando clean. Over the past couple years this has become a much favored option among Orlando residents. What individuals can do is take their old cars and in exchange they will receive money for recycling it. Folks are often unsure about what companies actually offer such a service. If this happens to be the case for you, this site may help you familiarize yourself with the recycling process. Another alternative to recycling it for money is actually donating the vehicle. This can be beneficial because it will get the cars off the roads as the donation companies typically have a contract with a recycling service. Plus, you can feel good about yourself knowing you helped someone out.

Working Together For Better Resolutions

At the end of the day, older cars are great to look at, can cost less in a short span of time, but they pollute the community. By simply looking into a few tips at changing things for the better, residents can keep their freedoms and avoid infringing on others at the same time. It’s all a matter of working with local